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Smart Adjustable Posture Corrector
Smart Adjustable Posture Corrector
Smart Adjustable Posture Corrector
Smart Adjustable Posture Corrector
Smart Adjustable Posture Corrector
Smart Adjustable Posture Corrector
Smart Adjustable Posture Corrector
Smart Adjustable Posture Corrector
Smart Adjustable Posture Corrector

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Smart Adjustable Posture Corrector

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We Got Your Back!

Say Goodbye to Back Pain and Get the Perfect Posture Effortlessly.

Revolutionise Your Posture! ⚡

💡 Smart Posture Correction: Say goodbye to discomfort! Our innovative posture corrector helps fix bad habits and eases neck, back, and shoulder pain, boosting your confidence.

🔔 Intelligent Reminder: Experience real-time support! Our device vibrates as a gentle reminder when your back bends more than 25 degrees or your shoulders tense, ensuring optimal posture.

📚 Scientific Progress: Discover effective correction! Wearing the Back Straightener for just 2 hours daily can transform your posture in 21 days. 90 days guarantees lasting habit stability.

🌟 Ergonomic Excellence: Enjoy comfort all day! Porous mesh shoulder straps enhance breathability, and ergonomic design perfectly fits your body's contours. Easy-to-adjust and secure, thanks to high-elastic nylon straps.

Step into better posture and greater confidence today! 🌈

The Smart Posture Corrector is a great option for those with back pain and poor posture. It is made of high-tech neoprene material and can be worn comfortably at work, the gym, and even under clothes. It will help improve posture, straighten the back and stop slouching. When posture is incorrect, the brace’s sensor will detect it and activate a vibration alarm to remind you to keep your head up and back straight.”

The Smart Posture Corrector with adjustable straps is easily put on. The cushioned straps gently pull your shoulders back for better alignment. Strong but lightweight breathable and washable material make you stay cool while promoting proper posture.

PAIN-FREE LIFE – By correcting the posture, the Posture Corrector Brace also relieves from back, shoulder and neck pain all at the same time.

COMFORTABLE FIT – The Posture Corrector Brace is exclusively made for your comfort.

SMART POSTURE REMINDER – Intelligent vibration reminder allows you to be alert to keep your back straight.

PREMIUM QUALITY FABRIC – Featuring strong but lightweight breathable materials.


SmartBack has an integrated smart sensor that detects slouching; when you slump, the device vibrates to remind you to sit or stand up straight. The ultimate goal is not just to support the body but to train the body and muscles to maintain proper posture throughout the day.

With Intelligent Posture Correction Reminder, you’re prompted to actively correct your slouch. It makes it easy for you to develop better posture over time for long-term results. With continuous use, you’ll notice a gradual reduction of vibration reminders and binding force of the support belt until you get rid of external force correction and completely change your posture habits.


VIBRATION REMINDER FUNCTION – Smart vibrating “reminder” prevents slouching and encourages better posture. When you wear it, just press the button and it will start tracking your bad posture and remind you in time.

ANGLE SENSING – The angle sensor immediately senses changes in body angle

 PULL INDUCTION  The tension sensor connected to the belt will immediately detect the change of tension

BOOSTS CONFIDENCE  Good posture is something people look at and take into account in a first impression. Proper posture makes you stand taller and with dominance. Good, upright posture and walking speak of self-confidence, reliance and a better, more positive attitude in general.

COMFORTABLE ADJUSTABLE SHOULDER STRAP  Comfortable and breathable fabric, it’s easy to put on by yourself. The straps are adjustable and the brace is unisex.

 INVISIBLE WEAR  Smart Posture Corrector is low profile, allowing you to wear and conceal it under your clothes.

 PAIN-FREE, COMFORTABLE POSTURE CORRECTION – No discomfort, no forced spinal positions and no more bad habits – just a straight spine, pain-free movement, and the confidence that comes from standing tall.

RECHARGEABLE AND LONG LIFE BATTERY – It’s conveniently USB rechargeable with one hour charge that lasts for 15 days of use.

Package included:

User manual x 1

Posture corrector x 1

USB charging cable x 1